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Flutter Engage - Flutter 2

Flutter Engage - Flutter 2

Today, we're announcing that Flutter's web support has hit the stable milestone, enabling you to build PWAs using Flutter. Announce the release of Flutter 2

This event happened on 3rd March 2021. This article is divided into

  1. Keynote
  2. AskFlutter Leadership Roundtable


What’s New in Flutter 2

We’ve broadened Flutter from a mobile framework to a portable framework, unleashing your apps to run on a wide variety of different platforms with little or no change.

Every app gets a free upgrade with Flutter 2 and they can now grow to target desktop and web.

Flutter Engage — Flutter 2
Flutter Engage — Flutter 2
  • Flutter 2: Improved performance, stability, supports the latest UI trend, increased accessibility support, state restoration APIs, and much more.
  • Around 6k+ issues closed, check out the post

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