Pawan Kumar
Entrepreneur, Google Developer Expert - Flutter, Firebase & Web. Founder & Youtuber @mtechviral. Head of Mobile Engineering at Frontier. Not from IIT, NIT, or IIM.
For coders, by coders.
Aseem Wangoo
Keen learner and creator of Writer, YouTuber, blogger, and event speaker. YouTube:
Aayush Gupta
Aayush is a 22 y.o. Android Developer from Bhilai who also happens to be an avid FOSS Contributor. He loves to play games, read manga & watch anime during his free time.
Aditya Gurjar
Android. Flutter. Likes traveling.
Souvik Biswas
Mobile app developer (Flutter, Android, iOS) | Technical Writer at Codemagic Blog & Medium
Harpreet Singh Seera
Flutter enthusiast My portfolio:
Rajat Kumar Gupta
👨🏻‍💻Software Developer | 🕶 AR/VR Researcher | Content Creator | ✍🏼 Top Writer @Medium | Published @Hackernoon, @AR/VR Journey Magazine |
Janhavi Dahihande
I am a Software Engineer, Tech Enthusiast, React & Flutter developer who is always looking to try out new things and connecting with people. I love reading in my free time and have a love for hiking!
Chandrika Deb
Software Associate @Amdocs | Tech Blogger | Content Developer | Always up for hackathons and learning new stuff!
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